University of Chicago Partnership
Central to the success of Kenwood Academy is its long-standing partnership with the University of Chicago. With its close proximity and Hyde Park ties, this partnership has positively contributed to Kenwood’s academic environment. Also, the partnership has afforded Kenwood students countless opportunities and experiences.

Below are a few programs offered to students of Kenwood Academy.

Collegiate Scholar’s Program – This three-year enrichment program is offered to Chicago public high school students.

College Bridge – This program provides high-achieving Kenwood students an opportunity to take college courses at the University of Chicago. Participating students are programmed into college courses during the regular school day.

University of Chicago’s Book Prize Award – Since 1982, The Annual Book Prize Award has been awarded to high-achieving Kenwood students.

Annual Scholarship Award – Each year, a well-deserving Kenwood senior is awarded a full scholarship to attend the University of Chicago.

Academic Tutors – Current students at the University of Chicago are assigned to Kenwood Academy to support struggling students in the Tutoring & Learning Center.

Social Work Support - The School of Social Administration assigns multiple interns to Kenwood Academy. These interns work along side the school's social worker.