Academic Supports
The Academic Center Team makes specific effort to address the academic and social-emotional needs of the students, and include the following structures:

  • Teachers all use innovative, web-based instructional tools (including Google Classroom) to ensure course information is always updated and available online.
  •  High School mentors (former Academic Center students) available for consultation during advisory and Preppie Institute to share tips and tricks for successful transition to the AC.
  • Individual sessions with tutors, mentors, teachers, or counselor on strategies for effective locker use and organization.
  • Dedicated 7th & 8th grade teachers for core subjects. Academic Center Math, Science, Social science, and Language Arts instructors only teach AC students.
  • Consistent and intentional efforts to keep parents informed and involved in social-emotional initiatives and academic concerns regarding 7th & 8th grade students, including shared feedback from weekly grade level meetings to discuss individual student progress, and frequent student updates via phone calls, email, and parent meetings with teachers, administrators, clinicians, and school counselor.